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Designing your floorcloth

Are you thinking about a traditional handcrafted floorcloth for your home? Perhaps you've admired floorcloths after seeing them on TV, in a magazine, or at a craft show—or something in my gallery may have sparked your interest. You may not be sure exactly what design, color, or size you want so I've developed this page to help you design your own floorcloth—lets begin with the canvas.


When making a floorcloth the quality of the product is important to me. All my floorcloths are made with 100% cotton duck canvas. The smaller floorcloths are made with #8 canvas (18 oz). The larger floorcloths are made with #4 canvas (24 oz). Both are very durable weights and will last a very long time. For extra strength , I sew a 1 inch hem around the perimeter of each floorcloth and miter the corners so they lay flat.

Size & Shape

A basic guideline for common floorcloth sizes is 2x6, 3x5, 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 and larger just ask. These sizes can easily be transformed to more exact measurements for that special spot in your home.We can also create almost any shape. Please visit the Client Project Gallery to see some of the many runners, octagons, elongated octagons and even a hexagon.


All my floor cloths are priced by the square foot. I charge $30 sq. ft. for floorcloths that are simple checkerboard patterns using any colors. I charge $34 a sq. ft. for floorcloths that have designs with simple motifs, and solid paint colors. Floorcloths with detailed designs and borders that incorporate different paint textured effects are $36 sq. ft.. All custom work starts at $40 sq. ft. Custom work entails creating a new design, matching fabrics or wallpapers and incorporating some paint textured effects to coordinate with your decor.

Blank floorcloths, so you can make your own, are available in #8 or #4 canvas. The size can be made to suit your space. Each blank is shrunk, sewn with a 1 inch hem, has mitered corners and is primed. Call 802-874-7288 or email for pricing details.

Sizes $30.00 sq ft $34.00 sq ft $36.00 sq ft Begin at $40.00 sq ft
2 x 6 $360 $408 $432 $480
3 x 5 $450 $510 $540 $600
4 x 6 $720 $816 $864 $960
5 x 7 $1,050 $1,190 $1,260 $1,400
6 x 8 $1,440 $1,632 $1,728 $1,920
8 x 10 $2,400 $2,720 $2,880 $3,200

Above prices do not include shipping charges

All floorcloth pricing levels above include color samples. I will also create a sample for you with the design in the colors you choose. Placing the sample in your home can give you a really good idea of how it will work with your decor. Visit our Color Options page to help you choose the colors that are right for your floorcloth.


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Blank Floorcloths